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Early January of 2020, Breakthrough Performance Group’s image was enhanced with a new corporate logo and branding. Below is a sample of a flyer with the original layout and the new logo.  The remaining images are redesigned flyers with the new logo and branding. I created the flyers in InDesign and are of all of the Lean Six Sigma and Project Management Prep courses Breakthrough Performance Group offers.

The flyers are images for demonstration purposes, however, for practical use they are in an interactive PDF format.  All of the instructors are able to add their contact information and class details within Adobe Acrobat free version.

Original Layout


The following samples are pieces I created while at the Art Academy of Cincinnati (AAC), a small fine arts college in Cincinnati, OH. The AAC is just over 150 years old and has a legacy of educating extremely talented artist who are well-known and respected in the fine arts world.

Within the last 10 years, the school’s branding was updated to be edgy, avent-guard, and cutting-edge. The school moved from the Cincinnati Art Museum, located on Mt. Adams, which has a beautiful view of downtown Cincinnati to the Arts District in the Over-The-Rhine (OTR) neighborhood. The school purchased and converted a six-story warehouse in the heart of OTR.

To mirror the new and vibrant setting, AAC decided to update their brand. The design agency, LPK, which created the new brand, provided a detailed style guide which included all of the variations of the color pallet, fonts, and language.  Since the school is an art school, the collateral relied heavily on the images to convey and support the message with very little text.

The AAC has a five distinct audiences: undergrad, graduate students, alumni, board of trustees, and the community.  In addition to undergrad and graduate programs, the AAC also has summer camps for kids 5 to 12 year olds and year long community art education classes for ages 13 and up.

Ads were often run in local parents’ magazines, playbills in the local theater companies, art educators’ publications, artists’ publications, and the local PBS station.  Below are samples of the various ads and a sample of a two-sided invitation proof, which was ready for production at a local printing facility.