MatchBOX Portfolio


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Presentations & Websites

Purdue Foundry 

On December 8, 2022, I created and co-presented a Media Buying presentation for the start up businesses in the Purdue Foundry.

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The Arts Federation

For The Arts Federation, I co-created and co-presented a five-part Marketing series for artists.  The series can be seen on YouTube, which can be seen by clicking the button.

Breakthrough Performance Group

I created and presented a Lunch and Learn Zoom presentation on Design Thinking and Lean Six Sigma for Breakthrough Performance Group. Presentation begins at 12:58

1120 DMS, LLC

1120 Digital Media Studios, LLC is my side hustle business.  I offer web design, hosting, branding, and consulting.

The GenX Lens

The GenX Lens is a site for my other love, film festival programming. My programming partner and I re-watch and review films from our youth.

Tarot Masters Studio

Tarot Masters Studio is site for my hobby of tarot reading, which is for entertainment purpose only, and evolve into a marketplace.